Japan Tour 2015

Japan Tour 2015 - にほんりょこう

Japan Tour 2015

From the 8th to the 27th of March we went to Japan. Along with Elyse, Brydie, Martin, Ewan, Gabe, Isara, Luke, Chantal, Isaac, Hayden, Mia, Kelly, Coco, David, Rawnaq and Millie. Each with 9 days to spend in Japan. It was an amazing experience that we will remember forever!




Kidzania was sooooo much fun and we enjoyed doing work experience. Some of the jobs included: being a surgeon, working in a Coke factory, being beauticians, working as air stewardesses, performing as magicians, working in a hotel and so much more.



In Kyoto, we went to a movie studio and 3 temples. A couple of the temples we visited were: the Golden Pavilion and the Zen Garden Temple. We were very excited because it started snowing when we were there! At the movie studio we enjoyed seeing ninja performances, going to the illusion museum and going through a maze. The movie village was also very cool.


Universal Studios

I think everybody could agree that Universal Studios was definitely a highlight of Japan. We went on lots of different kinds of rides and we went to Harry Potter Land, which was within Universal Studios. It was packed! Everybody enjoyed shopping for cool souvenirs. Also we were lucky enough to celebrated Amy’s 12th birthday whilst we were away!



In Okayama, we visited the castle and the gardens. In the actual castle we did pottery, we either made plates or a cups. It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed getting messy. We also got to dress up in beautiful kimonos. The sights from the top of the castle were just amazing. The gardens were very beautiful.



In Tokyo, we went to the very famous statue of Hachiko and we visited the busiest crossing in Japan. We saw so many people cross the crossing in one go, it looked like a million little ants going back to their nest.


Tokyo Skytree is 634 metres high! We went all the way up to the first viewing deck which was very high up. We all thought the view was amazing and felt like Tokyo went on forever.



In Hiroshima, we visited the Peace Memorial Park. It was a very beautiful and historical place. Then we went to the Peace Memorial Park and hung the 1000 paper cranes in honour of ‘Sadako’ and the other children affected by the atomic bomb. After that, we went into the Peace Museum. It was good to see and learn more about the bomb that changed Hiroshima forever.   


When we were in Miyajima we visited the Tori Gate when the tide was in. It was very beautiful. In Miyajima, deers are sacred so they roam freely around Miyajima, so we took some pretty cool photos with them.


We would like to thank Mr Kato, Mr Cox, Mrs Holden and Mrs Cosentino for making this trip happen, and putting up with us for the whole trip.

Chloe and Amy



Japan was an amazing experience, there are many different things that make Japan very unique like the toilets, vending machines, the architecture of the houses and the transportation.

I was part of Group Two. We were lucky enough to experience many new things, life lesson and manners (not that we didn't have them already).

My favourite parts of Japan would probably have to be visiting Hiroshima and Universal Studios. They were completely different experiences. In Hiroshima, we got to learn about the atomic bomb in great detail, something we don’t do at school. At Universal Studios we got to go on a backwards-facing roller coaster with very steep drops. It was super exciting.



My experience in Japan was amazing; it all just felt like a dream!

My favourite part of this weeklong dream was….well...I can’t decide. It was all too much fun! My top 3 places would have to be Kidzania - where I got to make coke, Universal Studios - where we went on all The Harry Potter rides and finally my third favourite place was The Japanese temples - because it snowed while we were there.

In conclusion, it was pretty much the best school trip I’ve ever been on. It was so amazing! Every second of every day, I remind myself of something from those ten days.